Pete James

From a very young age I remember travelling the world with my parents and seeing them take photos. The way a photograph froze a moment in time captivated me, and still does.                         

It has been over 25 years now that I have been taking photographs.

Starting back in the film days well before digital was thought of, I’d shoot wedding, people, cars and bikes and did several overseas trips to the USA and Canada, New Zealand and Fiji shooting landscapes.

Completely self taught through my own research and trial and error, which in the film days was quite expensive ! Photography fulfills my creative side perfectly, blending art and technology, and gives me a sense of freedom, especially when out shooting landscapes.

Through 2017 I had my own gallery in Geelong, selling large framed fine art prints of my work. This was something I’d wanted to achieve since i was a kid, and feel satisfied that I did it. But sitting inside a gallery all day wasn’t for me so I eventually went back to being free to explore, travel, shoot and film.

Landscape photography has always been a passion, but photographing people is fast becoming a real love. I prefer to shoot portraits on location or out in the elements, as opposed to in a studio.

Now I shoot everything from Landscape, Portraiture, Corporate/Commercial, Fashion, Advertising, Weddings and Family shoots.

I run photography tours within Australia and New Zealand, which has always been a dream of mine and gives me great satisfaction taking people, many for the first time, to stunning locations to photograph them, and seeing their joy as they improve their skills.

It was around early 2017 when I realized how amazing and creative the world of video and film is. So I set about teaching myself this art, filming stuff for myself for over a year, before I considered myself good enough to offer this as a service to my customers. Video now makes up a large proportion of my work and I absolutely love it !

If you wish to hire my services or simply have a question please email, text or call me.

 E:   info@petejamesphotography.com

Ph.  0402 666 453


Landscape Instagram...    www.instagram.com/petejamesphoto

Portrait Instagram...    www.instagram.com/blackmode