Old Jetty - Clifton Springs

Yesterday saw a lot of storm activity right across Victoria. 
After getting some shots of the first storm cell come across the coast near Barwon Heads, I was watching the radar closely trying to work out where this next cell would track and where would be the best place to photograph it. I was in Ocean Grove when I noticed this cell was coming across further north so i raced up to Clifton Springs. I hadn't seen much lightening in the morning storm cell unfortunately so i was hoping this one would produce the goods. There was a break in the clouds just long enough for the sun to shine through and illuminate the beautiful green water this place is renowned for.
This was actually the first shot i took after jumping out of the car and setting up me gear, and didn't manage to capture any more lightening that day. 
I've always wanted this shot, and sometimes all the elements come together and you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Yesterday was one of these days.
I've photographed it a few times and seen hundreds of others images but rarely with lightening, so I'm pretty happy with this.

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