One on One Seascape Photography Workshops

by Pete James


My one on one workshops are for any aspiring photographer, from someone who has their first DSLR and wants to learn how to get the best out of it, to advanced amateurs wanting to advance their landscape photography skills.


Usually done at Point Lonsdale at either sunset or sunrise, they run for approx 2 hours.

You will also get take home notes outlining my techniques, processes and tips on how i get my shots.

Times for workshops are flexible and can work around your commitments and weather conditions.

Groups bookings of up to 4 people can be arranged also.


Whether it is gaining a better understanding of the various fundamentals of photography and photography basics, getting hands-on and practical experience outdoors with your camera or improving and expanding your current skills, I will be more than happy to share with you my first-hand knowledge, skills and experience that I have picked up and developed myself over many years.


I have been taking photos for nearly 20 years, in many different areas of photography.

But landscape and seascape photography has always been my passion and speciality.


  • Location scouting, pre-visualization & resource planning

  • Basic Camera Technique & Settings

  • Lenses & Filters

  • Photography Basics

  • Tripods Remote Shutter Releases

  • Composition

  • Understanding Light & Metering Modes

  • Understanding Exposure (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO)

  • Switching from Automatic modes to Full Manual modes

  • Focusing Techniques (Automatic & Manual, Hyperfocal Distance, etc..)

  • Long Exposures & Bulb Mode


Price is $90 per person for one on one

or $60 each if two or more (payable in cash on the day)


To book or ask any questions, simply email me

Or call and leave a message (if i don't answer) and i'll get back to you.